Imagine a life with clear skin and no itch.

Understand the process & 

be empowered in your choices

Join a supportive and conscious community of skin warriors 

 Clear your skin from the inside out 



SHOW UP TO LIFE and execute your purpose.

An empowered approach.

You deserve to understand your health better. You are the expert on your own experience.

Why I created this program

I've been through it too


I remember the trips to the dermatologists, desperate for an answer, only to leave with more creams and potions. 


I remember standing in front of the mirror clawing at my face and neck, flaking oozing and itching, praying for the bone deep itch to abait a bit so I could sleep. 


I remember feeling isolated, hopeless, confused, and betrayed by the system and my body.

It doesn't have to be that way.


Eczema and topical steroid withdrawal are multifaceted imbalances and require a bottom up, inside out approach. 

Things you can take control of. 


This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge to support and rebalance your body from the inside out so you can clear your skin and show up to life.

What You'll Receive

  • COACHING & DIRECTION: Private coaching session with Kayla Springer, ND. I'll coach you through the best way to move through the course, for your body and experience. We'll chat about TSW, what you can expect, what I normally see and do with my patients, and basic steps and goals to heal, detox, and recalibrate the body. I will answer any questions you have and help support you through the process.

  • EDUCATION & EMPOWERMENT: Access to the Four Pillar Program Online course which focuses on balancing the main systems that go out of equilibrium during eczema and topical steroid withdrawal. (Foundations, Gut, Detox, and Immune). You will gain the tools you need to fortify the foundations of health that support your entire physical existence, learn how to heal and reseal the gut, encourage a health microbiome, identify your individual food sensitivities & optimize the detox pathways to help facilitate the removal of steroids from the body.

  • COMMUNITY & SUPPORT: Weekly Q&A and Support Calls, which happen every Thursday at 11am PST, and access to our Private Facebook Group, where you will find a kind and compassionate community and your accountability partners. Moderated by myself, who will provide feedback to let you know when you are on the right track.

  • REFERENCE & FOLLOW UP: Access to a comprehensive library of references and resources. We go through a lot of information in this course. No need to digest it all at once. You'll be able to download from a library of resources including tons of content - everything covered in the course.

Connection is key.

Connection to coach, connection to community, and connection to self are pillars of the program.


Coaching Session with Dr. Kayla Springer, ND

Hi, I’m Dr. Kayla,

 My goal is to help you align your physiology with your world so you can show up to life and execute your purpose.

I will help you demystify and navigate the most fundamental and foundational health topics. By the end of this program you will have the tools you need to navigate your skin journey and feel more resilient, vital, and pure in your day to day life.

Why am I so passionate about foundational medicine?

In 2016, after a lifetime of eczema and allergies, my body went into a full body inflammatory process called Topical Steroid Withdrawal. For an entire year I was covered head to toe in a red, inflamed, oozy, flaky rash. 


Unfortunately, this is largely remains unknown or controversial, with many in the medical community unwilling to admit that the #1 prescribed thing for any skin condition of any kind could cause such a problem. This causes many TSW warriors to feel isolated and unvalidated as to what is happening to them.


 As there is no know way to treat this condition, I focused on the basics. The foundations. The things that keep us in alignment and allow us to build strong walls. When the roots are strong, there’s no need to fear the wind. 


I noticed people started improving. As people became more in tune with their body, their physiology fell more into sync with their environment. We were able to streamline and identify what worked for them, leading to the best version of themselves.


I built this framework of foundational pillars for my patients. They are meant to build strong foundations, which dictate how was show up in the world and allow us a clear picture on which systems to target, heal, and optimize.


I want to help you align with your world.


The Four Pillar Program: Navigating Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal

  • 1


    • Start Here!


    • Personalized Course Planner

  • 2

    Basics of Eczema and Topical Steroid Withdrawal

    • The Basics of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

    • The Basics of Eczema


  • 3

    Pillar 1: Foundations of Health

    • Pillar 1: Foundations Of Health

    • Pillar 1: Diet and Food for Skin Health

    • Pillar 1: Eat with Intention

    • Pillar 1: Optimizing Sleep

    • Pillar 1: Stress & Nervous System Balance

    • Pillar 1: Intention Setting and Action Planning

  • 4

    Pillar 2: Heal the Gut

    • Pillar 2: Leaky Gut & Inflammation

    • Pillar 2: The Skin Reset Elimination Diet

    • Pillar 2: Heal the gut, Heal the skin.

    • Pillar 2: Intention Setting and Planning

  • 5

    Pillar 3: Supporting Detox

    • Pillar 3: What does it mean to detox?

    • Pillar 3: Optimize your Poop - The best thing you can do for your skin.

    • Pillar 3: Safely Detoxing with Eczema & TSW

    • Pillar 3: Daily Detox Practices to Implement Today

    • Pillar 3: Reducing Environmental Toxic Exposure

    • Pillar 3: Planning and Intention Setting

  • 6

    Pillar 4: Balance the Immune System

    • Pillar 4: Immune System & Inflammation Management (TH2 Balance)

    • Pillar 4: Long Term Diet and Ideal Eating

    • Pillar 4: Histamines in Your Environment

  • 7

    Ongoing Support

    • Continued Community

  • 8

    TSW Logistics

    • Practical & Topical Care Tips

    • Recipe Books

    • Daily Detox How to Guide

    • Personalized Course Planner

    • Guide to Light Therapy

  • 9

    Mindset and Mental Health

    • The Magic of Breath

    • Visualizations and Meditations


Senchune Support Community: Weekly Zoom calls and Private Group Discussion

  • Community Calls take place every Thursday at 11am PST, and Private Discussion group is checked on everday. Both are moderated by Dr. Kayla Springer, ND

  • Learn together, inspire each other, and create accountability: Community medicine amplifies our ability to create change and new habits

  • Ask questions, share experiences, and build a community of resiliency and strength.

Reset Your Skin

Private coaching allows you to find direction


  • Is this medical advice?

    My role in this program is a coach, NOT a doctor. Nothing I talk about should be considered medical advice. This course is meant to be educational only. You should always be under the care of a doctor in your region.

  • How does it work?

    The course is a move at your own pace module based program. Each module explores one of the four pillars in depth. During our coaching call, we'll create a plan for you to move through the program, reach your goals, and reset your skin.

  • What is the Senchune TSW support community

    TSW is a tough experience, and the lonliness and isolation make the experience even harder. By coming together as a community with an intention to support and guide eachother, we can get through this process together. We meet for weekly Zoom calls - a space to ask questions, learn, support and motivate eachother. We'll also keep in contact day to day on our private Whatsapp group. Community is medicine. Connection is the cure.

  • I have more questions

    Please send me an email!

  • Will this cure me?

    Each person is unique, and each person going through topical steroid withdrawal will have different requirements and imbalances. A number of treatment options are available and may work in different combinations for different people. These will likely need to be adapted and customized for each person and changed throughout the process according to cycles and symptoms. Currently, there is no “treatment” for TSW. This course is meant to give you the direction and tools you need to heal and empower yourself through TSW. Please work with a Dr or medical professional in your local area familiar with the condition.

  • How long will it take to go through the program? I already don’t have enough time!

    My patients usually dedicate a full 4 (or more) weeks in a deep dive into one module. So it can take time. Especially with TSW and skin, slow is better. This is why I've set up the Senchune TSW community. Moving through each module in real time could take you a month or two, support and accountability and the knowing that you're not alone will help you make time and keep motivated to regain control of your health to make lasting change.

I only want the Four Pillar Program. No coaching for me!